Car Rental In Buenos Aires – Drive With A Sound Of Tango

Car rental in Buenos Aires is more than required if you want to explore this city. It is known as the most European city in the South America, so as “Paris of the Latin America”. When you arrive at airport, you will realize that these names were given with good reason. Buenos Aires was built by the best European architects, which is a reason why you will feel like you are somewhere in the middle of the Old continent.

Buenos Aires is the capital and the largest city of the Argentina, and its cultural and economic center. It is the second largest urban area in the South America, right after Sao Paolo.

In fact, Buenos Aires is a state within the state. It has special political and economic status, and represents an autonomous district.

The quality of life is higher than in the rest of the continent and income per capita is currently among the three highest in the entire region.

Buenos Aires is not only the economic and cultural center of the country; it is also the most popular tourist destination of this part of the world. With its colorful architecture, wide and open avenues, parks, turbulent nightlife and rich cultural offer, this is a destination of tourists’ dreams.  For people who like theatres, Argentina’s capital will be the best choice because it has the highest concentration of theatres in the whole word.

The city is divided into 48 districts and each of them has something different- from the local museums, restaurants to the dialects and suburban cultural customs.  On the other hand, they all call themselves portenos or people of the port.

When it comes to the weather, the climate is determined by two  seasons-moderate and mild winters and rainy and humid summers. Anyone who wants to rent a car in Argentina will have no problems with driving and safety.

About driving and car rental in Buenos Aires

Thanks to its architectonic pattern, with square districts and wide avenues, Buenos Aires is not such horror for drivers as it is a case with other cities in the South America. The orientation is pretty much easy, and even the inexperienced drivers can handle the city drive. The whole city has good traffic signalization and a lot of signs with names of the city’s parts, so the driving should be a pleasant experience.

As in the rest of Argentina, people drive on the right side of the road. The same goes for renting a car in Peru.

If you decide to use car rental in Buenos Aires, then you should know that the speed limit in the whole city is 60 km/h. Allowed level of the alcohol in the blood is 0,05 promiles. When it comes to the required licenses, you must have driving license from your domestic country. If you are planning to leave Argentina and take car renting in Caracas, then you will need an International driving license.

Also, car rental in Buenos Aires is an ideal way of reaching places which make the heart and soul of this city. One of such places is the famous La Boca District- an old workers’ district. It is completely different from modern city areas, with its narrow streets and colorful houses.  On the streets of this district, which is placed around the main city’s harbor, the famous Argentinian dance was born- Tango.

Almost every district in Buenos Aires has a dozen of renting agencies, with a wide range of offers in vehicle types, prices, insurance plans…Some of the most popular agencies are Budget, Expedia, Aires and Avis.