Car Rental In Brazil – Welcome To The Land of Carnivals, Samba and Coffee

Brazil is a huge and magnificent country, placed along the eastern coast of South America. With an area of more than 8, 5 million square kilometers and with an estimated population of more than 202 million people, it is the largest and the most populous country in South America. It is big even at the global scale and represents the fifth largest country in the world by its area and by the number of citizens.

In addition, Brazil is the largest Portuguese speaking state.

Because of its huge territory, it is not surprising that this country of carnivals and samba borders with all other countries on the continent, except Chile and Ecuador.

The capital of Brazil is Brasilia, located in the continental area of the country, while the largest city is Sao Paolo, which is situated on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

Brazil has 26 states, one federal district and a number of municipalities, which all functioning under federal system or state organization.  It is democratic republic, with classic presidential system.

The official currency is real and it is divided into 100 centavos. For just a small price, you can enjoy in the tastiest coffee you have ever tried. After that, you can test your dancing skills with national dance samba.

The majority of the Brazilian territory is under the influence of the tropic climate, but there are five other subtypes- tropical, subtropical, equatorial, highland tropical and temperate. You should expect the unexpected because every region has its own mini climate, with frequent temperature changes.

The road system is extremely dense, with almost two million kilometers of different type of roads.  The main highways are modern wit quality asphalt and good signalization, what cannot be said about the side roads, which are usually full of holes, cracks and other barriers. If you do not have to, do not drive on local roads during the night, because of the high level of criminal, especially in infamous favelas in big cities.

Car rental in Brazil and car renting in Sau Paulo should not be the problem, because all foreign drivers can drive a vehicle with valid driver’s license from their home countries. The period of foreign licenses is limited to 180 days. After that, you will have to apply for the domestic license and this means that you will have to pass exams and attend local driving school.  No matter what type of license you have, you should always carry your passport and insurance policy with you.

About car rental in Brazil

If you decide for car rental in Brazil, you will have to drive on the right side on the road, with overtaking on the left. Exactly the same as with renting a car in Peru. Both drivers and passengers must wear seat belts all the time. The level of alcohol is limited to 0,2 grams, which is, for adult person, approximately one beer. Using cellphones is not allowed. Be very careful while tanking your car, because you will have to pay a fine if you run out of petrol.

This country is world’s top tourist destination, so you can real enjoy if you opt for car rental in Brazil. We can say the same for those who want to rent a car in Rio De Janeiro. No matter where you go, you will be delighted with the beauty of the largest country in South America. If you like swimming and sunbathing, you can start with the beautiful coastline.

For those who prefer adventures, Amazon region with Manaus city  is the best option.

Almost all big international renting agencies have their outlets here, so car rental in Brazil will not be the problem.