Car Rental in Brasilia – In The Heart Of Fantasy Island

Brasilia is the capital of Brazil and with an estimated population of around 2,5 million people, it is the fourth most populous city in the country. Brasilia is relatively new town. It is founded in 1956, as a part of the plan of moving the capital from Rio de Janeiro to a more continual part of the state. The whole city is divided into several different thematic blocs such as Embassy sector, Hotel sector… It is interesting that the basic city core was built in four years, under the slogan “fifty years of progress in five”. Brasilia is often called “Fantasy Island”.

Because of its unusual architectural solutions, modern look and artistic urban planning, Brasilia is included to the list of the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. So, if you prefer a modern architecture, car rental in Brasilia will be just the perfect option.

Brasilia is located in the central-western area of Brazil, in the geographic region that is known as Brazilian Highlands or Brazilian Plateau.  The highest point of the city is Pico da Bandeira (2891 meters above the sea level).

All main political institutions – Congress, Supreme Court and presidential residence, are located in Brasilia, so as 124 foreign embassies.

With the average temperature of 20 Celsius, Brasilia is considered as typical city with tropical savannah climate, with dry (from May to September) and rainy (from October to April) season.

Brasilia has the highest gross domestic product among other cities in the state. However, Brazilian capital cannot be called industry center, because the majority of income comes from administrative and financial functions. Because of the fact that the whole city is on the UESCO’s list, main industries are related with non-polluting sectors such as software, video, and computing production.

Information about car rental in Brasilia

Unlike renting a car in Brazil in some other Brazilian cities, car rental in Brasilia should not be the problem, because urban area is adapted for individual vehicle drivers. The majority of motorways are in excellent condition, with good signalization and traffic signs. Because of the good architectonic planning and wide streets, orientation is not the problem, even for the people who are in the city for the first time. Traffic crowds are rare, but you still should avoid rush hours when considering car rental in Brasilia.

The great thing about Brasilia is that there are enough parking spaces, so you can leave your car at almost every location in the city. However, beware of the so- called “watchers”, people who will watch your car for money. If you want to avoid unpleasant situation like scratching your car, you should give them some money and enjoy in the rest of a day.

All foreign drivers with valid license from their countries can apply for car rental in Brasilia, if they are at least 21 years old and have their driver’s licenses more than one year. The same applies when you want to rent a car in Ecuador. International licenses are not required, except if you are planning to drive your vehicle abroad.

Also, you have to stop at pedestrian crossing and, unlike in other cities in Brazil, local drivers seems to follow this rule. Be careful on crossings, because there are many policemen who will charge you a fine if you do not let the pedestrians to cross the road.

There are many places in Brasilia where you can rent a car, just like with car renting in Paraguay. The most popular agencies are placed at the International airport and in the central area of the city.