Car Rental in Bogota – The City of Coffee

If you decide for car rental in Bogota, then you should be prepared for a lot of mini adventures that this city offers. Bogota is the capital and the largest city in Colombia, with a population of approximately 9, 5 million citizens. It is located in the central region of the state and represents the cultural, economic and educational center of the whole country. It has a number of universities, libraries, museums, and other cultural institutions, which is a reason why some people like to compare this city with Athens. In fact, the other, unofficial name of this city is “Athens of South America”.

Thanks to its location, Bogota has moderate subtropical climate, with rain and dry periods. The average temperature is 14,5 Celsius.

One of the main problems of this beautiful and fast growing city was crime. In fact, Bogota was on the black list of the most dangerous cities in the world in the past, but things have changed since then. The local government has managed to decrease crime levels and it is now more or less secure city for all its citizens and guests.

Bogota is world’s city number one in coffee consumption. Also, this brown beverage is the exporting product number one in this city, which is a reason why there is more than 300.000 plantations, placed outside the urban areas.

Car rental in Bogota and Driving Laws

Driving laws in Bogota are the same as in other parts of Colombia, which means that all foreign drivers can use their licenses from domestic countries up to one year. After that period, everyone has to obtain local driver license.

If you are considering car rental in Bogota, then you should forget about drinking alcohol. In this country, everything above the allowed limit of the 0,20 promiles of alcohol in the blood is considered as a serious criminal offense. A fine for driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol is up to 28 million pesos, but you also might be sent to the prison.

Car rental in Bogota is probably the best way of exploring this city. The entire urban area is connected with decent roads, which give you an opportunity to reach even the most distanced city areas without any trouble. You can easily visit nearby countries, like Argentina, and then simply use car renting in Argentina services. For example, you can start with the La Macarena,  the area that will definitely delight you with its pink and orange houses and buildings. This might be an ideal option for those who want to enjoy in art. There is a famous Galeria Valenzuela- Klenner, where you can enjoy in the modern pieces of the word’s artists.

If you prefer good night outs, then your rent a car in Colombia experience should be enriched with visiting small restaurants in the heart of the city. One of the most famous is Matiz, which have very interesting history. According to the local folks, during the time of the narco bosses, the restaurant’s staff prepared cockatiels with coca and marijuana.  This practice is now prohibited, but this place is still a good choice for tasting some of the most unusual cocktails in the world.

Bogota has very good offer when it comes to renting a car, and a price varies from $30 to $130, just like with renting a car in Lima. It all depends on the vehicle type and your desires. Of course, the highest prices are for the SUV vehicles, with automated transmission.