Car rental In Bergen – In The Heart Of Maritime Industry

Bergen, also known as the city of the Seven Mountains, is nested in the western part of Norway. It covers an area of 465 square kilometers on the Bergen Peninsula, which is surrounded by mountains and fjords. It is the second most populous city in Norway, just after Oslo. It is also an educational center of the country and a town of the strong economy.

Officially, Bergen became the city in 1070 AD.

Despite its high altitude, the climate is more moderate than expected. The reason for that is the closeness of the Gulf Stream, which prevents extreme temperature fluctuations during the year. For example, the lowest temperature rarely goes under -16 Celsius. In general, the climate of this region is a mixture of the oceanic and oceanic sub polar climate, with warm winters and long rainy periods.

The majority of the city population is Norwegians and about 15 percent are immigrant, mainly from Europe.

The local administration is entrusted to the city government with seven members. The city is divided into eight boroughs.

Bergen is the seat of the Institute of Marine Research, which is the second largest institution for oceanic research in Europe. It would not be too strong if we say that Bergen is the center of the maritime industry on the continent. This specific industry branch is the main source of income of the city. In addition, this city in the west is the seat of the Royal Norwegian Navy. A significant part of general income comes from the position of Bergen, because it represents the logistic and supply base for oil and gas exploitation.

Bergen is not only powerful industry town. It is also an educational center, with a number of schools, institutes and colleges. The University of Berger is the third largest in the country.

One of the city’s trademarks are colorful wooden old houses, which were restored after the big fire in 1955.

Everything about car rental in Bergen

Before you decide to use car renting in Norway, you should know that the almost all roads are supported by the AutoPASS system, which is designed to charge auto tolls with radio receivers.

Of course, you must drive on the right side on the road when you take car rental in Bergen. According to the state laws, seat belts and headlights are mandatory.

If you are planning to rent a car in the Netherlands and explore this city by a car, you must not drive faster than 50 kilometers per hour.

Pay attention to the trams and trolleybuses because they have the right of way.

You must not turn left if the traffic light is red.

The famous city Aquarium is definitely a place you must visit when you are taking car rental in Bergen. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the whole region. Even if you are renting a car in Oslo, you will find it very easy with these GPS coordination:   Latitude: 60.39969729 Longitude: 5.303246095.

The second attractive destination is the old part of the city, with mentioned colorful wooden houses. They are aligned along the Bryggen harbor, which was the center of old Bergen.

There are enough rental agencies in the city so it will be easy to handle car rental in Bergen.. You can choose to pick up your vehicle at several locations such as at the city Airport, downtown or in the Asane, a borough of the Bergen. Prices vary from 103 euros to 411 euros.