Car Rental In Basel – It Is Not Just Another Border Town

With a population of approximately 195, 000 citizens, Basel is the third most populous city in Switzerland. It covers an area of about 24 square kilometers, at the region where the French, German and Swiss borders intersect.

Basel is the cultural center of the country, with a number of museums, galleries and theaters. Because of its astonishing architecture and beautiful nature, Basel is also among the most favorite holiday destinations for European travelers.

The city lies in the shores of the river Rhine, the second longest river in Central Europe.

Although the official language in the city is specific Swiss variant of German, the majority of local population speaks Alemannic German dialect. Culturally, the whole this region is under the strong influence of German and France. In fact, people in these three countries are so connected and so close to each other that this large territory, which includes Swiss Basel Region, German Baden- Wurttemberg and French Alsace, is informally considered as one region, known as Regio TriRhena. Car renting in Germany is a very popular among local population and workers who currently work in Basel.

Sun seekers would not be delighted with the local climate because Basel is known as a city with more than 120 days of rain or snow. On the other hand, hikers and nature lovers will be more than satisfied with the beauty of landscape and all other things that this region offers.

Basel has very developed and powerful industry. In fact, this city is the leader and regional center in chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Financial sector, with a number of international banks, is also very important part not only for local economy, but also for state in general.

The city is divided into 19 quarters.

Car rental in Basel can be an ideal opportunity if you want to explore this city and visit some of the most attractive destinations. The famous Gothic building made of red sandstone is definitely the most impressive building in the city. It is completely restored after massive earthquake, which hit the city in 1356.

The oldest university in Switzerland is located in Basel. It is the educational center of the country and institution where worked some of the greatest minds in history, including Friedrich Nietzsche, Erasmus and Karl Barth.

Useful Information about Car Rental in Basel

Basel has very quality roads and a traffic culture is at the high level. There are many roads which connect this city with other parts of state, as well as with other countries. The A3 motorway passes through the city, connecting this area with France. You will probably use this road after renting a car in France, because it is the shortest and the quickest motorway between two countries.

All foreign drivers with documents that are not in English, German or France will have to apply for an international driver’s license before they arrange car rental in Basel.

In the city, maximal speed is 50 kilometers per hour, and in residential areas, you will have to drive slower than 30 km/h. There are random police checkpoints all around the city, so as hidden cameras and radar traps. If police stops you because of the speed drive, you will have to pay a fine on the spot.

Wearing seatbelts is mandatory for both drivers and passengers.

Maximum level of alcohol in blood is 0,005%.

There are no special requirements if you are considering car rental in Basel (it is the same as a rent car in Zurich).