Explore The City Of Night With Car Rental in Bangkok

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand is a massive and modern city. Though generally known for offering   naughty, vibrant nightlife full of fervor, it has outstanding palaces and temples, busy markets, and authentic canals. Bangkok attracts maximum number of tourists from November to March when you can’t expect to explore the city without rubbing shoulders with other travelers. The temperature during this period is moderate and rains infrequent.

The capital city is served by two airports: Suvarnabhumi Airport and Don Muang Airport, both of which are nearly 30Km from the city center. The former is among the busiest airports of Southeast Asia. Most international and many domestic flights operate from this airport. Its huge terminal building has two immigration sections, yet it may take you at least thirty minutes to come out. Suvarnabhumi has all the facilities expected of any foremost international airport and include money exchange, restaurants, ATMs, tax-free shops, an observation lounge and one transit hotel. The departure lounge also offers free use of Wi-Fi for one hour. You can find almost all renowned companies like Avis, Hertz and Budget etc offering car rental in Bangkok.

Visa & Currency

You can get visa on arrival for fifteen days.

Bangkok Currency –Baht


There is an abundance of currency exchange options and as usual, you’ll get better offer from downtown dealers.

Driving in Bangkok

As far as driving is concerned it suffices to mention here that based on a recent study  conducted by the Transportation Research Institute, University of Michigan,  Thai roads are the second most dangerous in the world. Yet, if you must drive in Bangkok, here’s information about car rental in Bangkok that you will find extremely useful.

Explore Car rental in Bangkok                    

You are sure to find most of the renowned companies along with some local companies when looking for car rental in Bangkok. Just to remind you that you drive on left in Bangkok and driving license issued by your country is valid here if the same is in English. Otherwise you require an international driving license. On renting a car in Thailand, you generally have the option of getting driver along with at affordable charge.  There are quite a few attractions, not far from Bangkok that you may not like to miss. A little over 130KM is Pattaya, renowned for its sandy beaches, superior accommodations, thrilling water/ land sports, and an electrifying nightlife. It would take you less than two hours to reach if you take a car. Otherwise, it is just a 37 minutes flight from Bangkok and you may rent a car in Pattaya to visit its gorgeous neighboring areas. The other option will be to visit Phuket, a little more than 500 miles from Bangkok. This is the largest island of Bangkok, known for offering extraordinary supply of fresh sea food. On car renting in Phuket, you could explore one the tiny cities in its neighborhood, of which there are many.  Average cost of fuel in Bangkok is about 30 Baht per liter, prompting enough to take a car for exploring the country. The average expense for car rental in Bangkok and most other places is 950 Baht/day for a small car without driver whereas a mid size car costs 1,300 Baht per day. For about 2,000 Baht/day you can hire SUVs. All cars have automatic transmission.